5 Best Productivity Apps

5 Best Productivity Apps
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Getting things done on your mobile phone is now easier than ever. There are a ton of apps you can use to help yourself be more productive in a large variety of ways. From note taking, to scheduling, to working on collaborations, there is an app to help you do just about anything. If you are looking for a way to be more productive, and you want your smartphone to help you with that, below are the 5 best apps to take a look at.


  1. Evernote – This free app for Android and Apple phones is one of the best note taking apps on the market. With this app you can take notes with ease, either by typing or with your voice. You can sort them, add pictures, and even share them with other people. You can also sync your app with other devices, so that all of your notes are with you wherever you go. If you type something on your mobile phone, you can pull it up a second later on your laptop.
  2. Dropbox – Want to have your files with you wherever you go? With Dropbox you can. Dropbox will give you the first few Gbs for free, allowing you to store a ton of documents on their servers. You can then access them from any device, where you can then open, edit, or share them with other people. Dropbox makes it easy to share folders and files with other people, so there is no need to be constantly sending one another updated copies of a file. If you need more space than what you are initially given, Dropbox has pricing plans to allow you to purchase more.
  3. Google Drive – If you don’t want to sign up for another app, but you like the idea behind Dropbox, you can use Google Drive. Everyone with a Gmail account gets a few Gbs of storage for free, and it syncs up using your Gmail account. You can share files with other users, or open the files up right inside Google Docs. It makes sharing and storing files a breeze, and you’ll have all of your important documents with you wherever you are.
  4. Swiftykey – While some phones are coming with this technology standard these days, some phones will still not have it. With Swiftkey you can simply swipe your finger across the keyboard to type. This means you do not have to pick your finger up to hit each individual key. The program is great at figuring out which word you meant to type, and learns about your typing habits the more you use it. Typing with Swiftkey is much faster, making it easier to send emails, type documents, or edit things on the go.
  5. QuickOffice – This app is essentially a free version of Microsoft Office for your Android and Apple devices. With this app you can edit or create word documents, presentations and spreadsheets, and share them with other people. Since it is owned now by Google, you can also sync your files up directly with Google Drive, making it easier to share and backup your files. Lastly, the app doubles as a PDF reader so that you don’t need a separate app.

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