6 Tips to Capture Better Shots with the iPhone 6 Camera

6 Tips to Capture Better Shots with the iPhone 6 Camera
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The latest iPhone is not just bigger and sleeker but it also comes complete with a camera that’s been dubbed as the best smartphone camera by some industry experts. While Apple stuck with the same 8MP resolution and f/2.2 lens, there are significant changes such as the Focus Pixels, better face detection and more that will allow users to get better shots with their iPhones.

To help make the most of the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, here are some tips and tricks you can use:

Change exposure

Camera lighting is a tricky business and we all have those moments when the image is either too dark or too bright. With the iPhone’s manual exposure control, however, you can simply tap the area or subject you want highlighted and the camera will adjust the exposure accordingly.

Timer mode

Taking group pictures with your iPhone used to be a struggle but not anymore with the phone’s timer mode. You can now take better group shots by setting the timer to either 3 or 10 seconds notice. That means more time to set the angle right for your selfies or group shots.

Time lapse mode

The latest iPhone iOS also has a new fun setting every user can enjoy. The time lapse mode lets you take new photos every few seconds. Once done, you simply press stop and the phone creates a video of the subject you just photographed in a time lapse manner. It’s a good mode to try when you want to capture fun shots like the sunset and other interesting events.

Burst mode

Whether you’re taking selfies, group shots or important events, iPhone’s burst mode allow you to capture the most important shots or moments. To take burst shots, simply hold down the shutter icon or the volume buttons. When done, the phone will display a number just above the shutter icon which tells you the number of shots you took. You can then choose from those shots the ones that are worth keeping.


Use filters

The latest iPhone also included a range of filters you can use immediately right after taking the shot. There’s no need to download another app for filters. From the phone preview screen, you simply need to tap edit to see the numerous filters you can choose from to make your fresh shots look even better. In case you change your mind and you want the original photo, simple go back to the image and tap “revert” located at the bottom right hand corner.

Edit photos

When editing photos with older iOS and iPhones, you require third party apps to get the job done. That’s no longer the case with the latest iPhone and iOS. You can now make quick edits and changes without a third party app right after you took the shots. Among the things you can do is adjust exposure, highlights, saturation and contrast. And you always revert back to the original image in case you change your mind.

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