7 Surefire Ways to Slash the Cost of Your Phone Bill

7 Surefire Ways to Slash the Cost of Your Phone Bill
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Millions of people in the UK are believed to be paying as much as £200 more on their phone bill than necessary. It’s enough money you can spend on other important things. But how exactly do you cut down the cost of your phone bill? Below are some of the surefire ways you can ensure that you don’t pay over what’s reasonable. Follow each tip and you can expect to save £100 or more on average each year.

Choose the Right Plan

If you’re already hooked to a plan, this advice may be too late but we’ll list it down anyway for the sake of those who are just setting out on getting one.

If you don’t want to pay for services you don’t really need, the best solution is to tailor your plan accordingly. Start by figuring out the number of minutes, text and amount of data you’ll need on a monthly basis. There are websites which can help you calculate your plans conveniently so might as well take the time to do it before hooking up with any provider.

Monitor Usage

Surveys reveal that one in 10 people are spending more on their bill. So whether you think you have the right plan or not, you must monitor your usage to keep your bill on track either way. At the end of each month, double check your usage to confirm if it’s within your tariff or if you need to make adjustments.

Remember that there are thousands of deals and tariffs to choose from in the market. To slash off a significant amount off your phone bill, it’s really a matter of going with the right tariff for your needs.

Consider a Tariff Downgrade

If you’ve been hooked to a plan for a few months already, you may want to consider downgrading your tariff subscription. Some providers let you do that so you can adjust your plan to your needs. Granted that you’re not consuming your voice and text allowance, a downgrade is exactly what you need to do to cut down on your phone bill.

Conversely, you’ll also want to consider an upgrade if consistently exceed your voice, text and data allowance. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying extra charges incurred as a result of exceeding your bundle’s allowance.

Take Advantage of Discounts and Promos

Majority of providers regularly offer discounts and promos as part of their incentives to existing and potential subscribers. Take advantage of those opportunities to save on your phone bill. You may call customer service to stay updated and avail said incentives.

For those who are just signing up for a contract, you may to check websites which offer cashback. These websites have agreements with providers where they pay you a commission of maybe £60 to £100 when you sign up through them.

Double Check Bill Details

Even if your bill is paid via auto-debit deduction, you are advised to double check your invoice anyway. The numbers and details may seem confusing but it pays to be vigilant. It’s important to take your time perusing charges and fees. Only by double checking will you spot questionable and unreasonable charges which you can clarify with your provider. While you’re at it, you might also want to you’re your roadside assistance if you have one especially since most plans already include that into the plan.


Drop the Insurance

If you got the latest handset that cost a fortunate, paying for insurance premium makes sense. After several months down the road, however, you might want to consider dropping the insurance completely. Some experts suggest sticking with insurance plan for six months to a year. Over the course of your contract, you can drop it off especially since your phone’s value is also decreasing over time.

Don’t Make Toll-Free Calls

Though they are called toll-free, they aren’t exactly free when you’re using your mobile phone to make those calls. Toll-free generally only applies when you’re calling from a landline. If you’re going to use your phone to connect with customer service lines, make sure you know how much it costs per minute. Or you may want to download an app which turns the toll-free numbers into numbers that will not add up to your contracted minutes.

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