Comparing Pay Monthly, Sim Only and PAYG

Comparing Pay Monthly, Sim Only and PAYG
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When scouting for phone deals in the UK market, you’ll see that there are three popular types to choose from. They are the pay monthly, pay as you go and Sim only.

The three options are the most common offers availed by majority of the consumers. Each type has distinctive features that are designed to meet different needs. But how do you know which one is perfect for your needs?

Below is a comparison of each type detailing distinctive features that should help you make an informed decision in the end.

Pay Monthly

Let’s start with the most popular option – the pay monthly contracts. As its name suggests, they are contracts where you pay a fixed monthly fee. The duration can be 12, 18 or 24 months. Getting the pay monthly option will allow you to choose your own handset as well as the bundle on call, text and data. In other words, you can tailor your mobile phone contract according to what you need and want.

Cost for pay monthly contracts varies accordingly. It depends on your handset and bundle but in general, the monthly stars from as low as £10 onwards.

Who is it for?

Pay monthly contracts is best for heavy users who want the latest handset and who can afford the monthly fee for the duration of the term.

Pay As You Go (PAYG)

With Pay As You Go, you don’t get a handset or a bundle on your phone services. To be able to make calls, send texts or browse the internet and check your email, you need to buy credit in advance. That is, you need to top up your phone with enough credits to enjoy network services.

Without a bundle on services, the rates for PAYG cost more than what pay monthly contracts offer. But since it is prepaid, you still get to save money if you only buy credits occasionally. For most PAYG users, cost may be around £10 to £15 per month or every other month if you’re not a heavy user.

Who is it for?

PAYG is perfect for people who are light mobile phone users. If you only use your mobile phone for emergencies or on certain occasions, going this route is practical and cheaper since you’re not locked in to a contract.


Sim Only

Of the three options, Sim only deals are probably the cheapest. Unlike pay monthly, Sim only deals only include the Sim card and no handset. This means a significantly cheaper monthly fee plus the contract doesn’t last long. Most providers, in fact, are now offering one-month Sim only offers allowing consumers to enjoy affordable rates on call, text and data without worrying about monthly dues.

Who is it for?

Sim only options are best for people who don’t want to change their handset and those who want a cheaper phone bill. It’s also for people with bad credit. With Sim only, you don’t have to search for guaranteed or no credit check phone contracts anymore.

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